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N. Paul Onuzuruike

N. Paul Onuzuruike (born September 18, 1962) is an African-American writer, producer, editor, author and screenwriter. His latest book, King Maker: How Clyburn’s Endorsement Resuscitated Biden’s Democratic Nomination, provides in-depth analyses of United States (U.S.) Congressman James Enos Clyburn and his unwavering political stance in Washington, DC.

Before his current literary persuasions steered his hand, Paul worked as an Investment Accountant in Long Island, New York, until his Fund Development career took him to Kansas City, Missouri. Now, a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and seasoned in all aspects of philanthropy and fundraising, Paul’s drive and expertise have helped to amass millions of dollars in public and private funding to support higher education and other not-for-profit organizations.

Paul is also an avid music producer and published songwriter. Through his writing, he aims to depict culturally relevant settings while highlighting the impact of African American game-changers across various socio-cultural spheres. He holds several accolades, including an undergraduate degree in Business Management & Finance, a professional graduate MPA, and a professional certification in estate and gift planning.

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